Residential Courses

Our residence in Dharamsala, India, in the foothills of the Himalayas provides an environment perfect for internal reflection deepening ones practice. Programs are individually tailored for each aspirant and include daily personal guidance sessions. All courses are certified through the Limitless Alliance International where applicable.

The Art of Tantric Life

Receive personalized guidance from Durgananda Saraswati on your unique path. Learn techniques to charge your growth and expansion.

• Kundalini Kriya •
• Mantra, Yantra, Mudra & Bandha •
• Hatha Yoga Shatkarma, Asana, & Pranayama •
• Traditional Eight Folds of Patanjali Ashtanga or Raja Yoga •
• Karma & Bhakti Yoga •
• Puja & Havan •

Course includes one 30 minute initial consultation, and each day of your course includes one morning drop-in class, one 30 minute sadhana session, and one hour of therapy or service of your choice*, and a weekly guided heritage walk. As well, for those inclined, time is allotted daily for SEVA. One optional Shaktipat Diksha is included with each session.

Course is suitable for all, regardless of religion, body type, or experience.
Minimum enrollment is 1 week (6 days and nights). Begin any time.

*Exclusive of massage with Durgananda Saraswati and as per availability.

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Cleansing Programs

Each of our cleansing programs is individually tailored and unique. Determining an appropriate treatment plan is dependent on several factors such as age, state of mental and emotional health, and goals.

•Supervised Fasting•
•Juice Feasting•
•Master Cleanse•
•The Raw Food Way•

Email us for inquiries or to design your personalized experience.

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