Volunteer Program

  • Teach school children in a remote village
  • Join in on our clean up projects
  • Build a hydropower generator from the Himalayan river
  • Contribute to our permaculture plan
  • Help us combat corruption
  • Make flyers & update websites
  • Assist in coordinating events and programs
  • Design, organize and execute fundraising projects
  • Many other opportunities: clothing drives, food kitchens, and shelters


Dear Friends and Community, 

Although there are many families in need in India and in the world, this family in extreme poverty has grown a place in my heart after almost a year of regular contact with them. And, I would like to help them by running this charity drive. There are other families that I would like to help in the future, but I have chosen to start with this one. 

We are setting the bar at this first charity drive at $100, which can provide food and rent for a month at a lower economic level in India. 

Donate to this fund at 

100% of the proceeds of this fundraiser go to the family shown in the photo. 

They have several children in their family that could greatly benefit from clothes and other items of necessity. To donate items contact us at  to get an address where you can send them. 

This fund is separate from the Limitless Community Trust Fund , which can be found at

Thank you for taking the time to read this message 🙂 
Alix Claire Erie
Founder & Director of the Limitless Community

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