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To show our appreciation for your support, depending on membership level, we have several gifts that we would like to offer you, including a painting of a tantric yantra of your choice by Durgananda Saraswati, gold or silver amulet made by one of our pandits for the cause of your choosing, and 15% discount on workshops, seminars, drop-in classes, services, and on select items from our store.


Signing up for the free Limitless Newsletter will get you special offers that we send out via email. Furthermore, if you opt-in for a yearly membership of $25 you get a flat %15 off on all workshops, seminars, drop-in classes, services, and on select items from our store for an entire year. Students that have taken a workshop or residential course are automatically registered as members for 1 year. There are also other membership levels available for those that are able to offer patronage to our cause, and those are be visible on the registration page.

While signing up for our newsletter is completely free and we will never charge you anything for it, if you decide to opt in for a yearly membership, your membership fee goes directly into the Limitless Community Trust Fund, which we use for funding our community efforts, including providing free accommodation to volunteers for our SEVA projects, community dinners, buying materials for courses and workshops that live in the community centers, providing charity to those in need, and paying necessary maintenance fees (like web hosting), and for some services to keep us running in general.

We thank you for your support and we really genuinely appreciate your presence and giving us your time to browse our page and check out our membership.

Best to all and love,

Alix Claire Erie (Durgananda Saraswati)
Director of Limitless Community


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