Residential Courses



Sadhana means “personal practice”. These sessions provide instruction on creating a routine and techniques that can be added to an already established routine. Includes yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), shatkarmas (body purification) and other cleansing techniques, mudra (subtle gestures), bandha (energy locks), puja (ritual), yantra (symbols), mantra (incantations), dhyana and dharana (meditation), bheta (offerings), theory and scripture recommenations.

These sessions are suitable for all levels, including those that have no background in yoga or those that have already been teaching for years. As well, this course is recommended for those that have specific issue to resolve, such as a health or emotional issue, or for practitioners that already have a balanced and comfortable lifestyle.

Kundalini Tantra
5 Day Introductory Course

In this workshop Durgananda Saraswati will teach you the foundational techniques of Kundalini Kriya. In 5 days you will be able to activate your causal body, locate and purify your chakras and nadis, and heal yourself and others with the energy you cultivate and channel with these exercises. The methods taught are a combination of breathing, meditation, postures, mantra, mudra, and bandha. You will also perform basic hatha yoga shatkarmas and learn all precautions and indications for practicing Kundalini.

This course is intended for yoga practitioners and teachers who have practiced asana and meditation regularly for at least 1 year and would like to progress to an intermediate stage of yoga and tantra.

The Art of Tantric Life

Receive personalized guidance on your unique path. Learn techniques to charge your growth and expansion.

Course includes one 30 minute initial consultation, and each day of your course includes one morning drop-in class, one 30 minute sadhana session, and one hour of therapy or service of your choice, and a weekly guided heritage walk. As well, for those inclined, time is allotted daily for SEVA. One optional Shaktipat Diksha is included with each session.

Course is suitable for all, regardless of religion, body type, or experience.
Minimum enrollment is 1 week (6 days and nights). Begin any time.

Cleansing Programs

Each of our cleansing programs is individually tailored and unique. Determining an appropriate treatment plan is dependent on several factors such as age, state of mental and emotional health, and goals.

Programs can last for an extended weekend for a routine cleanse up to 6 months or longer for those suffering from serious illnesses.

A selection of our methods are hatha yoga shatkarmas and shankhaprakshalana, supervised fasting, juice feasting, master cleanse (lemonade cleanse), and raw food lifestyle transition and maintenance.

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