Services & Therapies

Sessions last for 1 hour except in the case of consultation, ceremonial marriage rites and vastu shastra.
Services are provided by Durgananda Saraswati and in some cases assisted by Daman Singh

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Consultation (30 min)

Most sessions in either the school or as private therapies begin with a consultation of 30 – 60 minutes to asses the aspirant’s background, goals, obstacles and direction. After this consultation a recommendation will be given for sadhana and possibly therapy.


Using Tarot or other card-based Oracle to read into your inquiries of choice. Occasionally the divine shows you other things that you are not looking for directly, though!


Plant a seed deep in your subconsciousness so that it will grow and manifest.

Refresh your body and mind, gain clarity, overcome all manners of disease and ailments.

Energy Work

Using hands-on healing to direct and boost the flow of prana, dissolve impurities at the quantum level, and cleanse & activate chakras.

Ceremonial Marriage Rites

Joining two couples in holy matrimony in an non-demoniational way, with accents from several traditions. Durgananda Saraswati will work with the couple intimately to design a ceremony of that relates directly to their heart. Suggested: Passages will be read from the Maha Shiva Purana of the marriage of Parvati and Shiva. Couples will be united in a ritual around a havan (sacred fire), and mantra will be chanted.

Couple’s Counseling
Seeing eye to eye, feeling palm to palm… two hearts beat as one. 

Too little passion (or too much)? Getting over a situation of infidelity? Working through communication issues?

Do you want to save your relationship but not sure how? If so, then these sessions are for you.

Mantra Therapy

Using the Om chanting and Sanskrit mantra with accompanying yantra. If you have a vision, this is the most rapid and efficient way of achieving it.

Vastu Shastra

House cleansing and consultation on how to arrange furniture, colors, and on how to build an altar or temple in the home.

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